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It's better to explain (to me that I expect something from this Blog)

It's better to explain. This Blog. I started this Blog devoting vocalists, especially female vocalist, those you can find "subdued" through Lounge/Chillout/Vocal Trance genres. To me it seems too little relevant to a casual listener. A new listener. I want to oblige everyone to find these gratuitous representation of grace as a solution for their everyday troubles, if any. Cause it has been for me, and the wonder of this happening continues to be, in these troubled days.

A Blog itself it's is difficult to maintain, so if someone is expecting something from me, this is no way. Obviously I want this Blog to shine. Blogs at the end of the day are persons, when you blow into glass, you blow into glass your idea, your soul. We have to be proud to this given power. I'm not so proud. I become proud when is see others succeed and at the same time success is not synonymous of joy.

A Blog is a perfect place for me to keep things close to be fixed. Or you are thinking that things means feelings. Everything is soul then the words. Then the music, so the the light. Now the aim. I want to leave you with the hope to find themselves here. With some light, some music, a soul.

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"All of us must eventually keep moving, through tragedies and triumphs. I just want to do what I can to encourage people to stay optimistic and have faith in our ability to evolve and solve and get involved."
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