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for the Earth.

"Excellence that look through me bravely" (Giuseppe Giusti 1809-1850). A recurring presence, this days. A bad sight from the higher point of view to the lower, from the power that smashes your dreams to the ground. Where does this ugly eye came from? Gravity that came out the discrepancy of our lives? Why this unnecessary pain? Why do we need to feel guilty. Unnecessary. "Lord drive my hand"

Andrea Soru is a Friend, met on the ill-treated Facebook, Double six Project (Jabaro/Ascari) was one of the first crew found on Jamendo, and I consider them among others the foundation of this "exposure platform", maybe slow in its process but with clear ideas. It's a little difficult to follow his growing route, Double six Project have many great releases sparse on the web and "Riding the dune" track's beginning can easily be recruited as descriptor of their motto, their land, their delicate philosophy.

The Moon looks through us appearing and disappearing the Earth, let us see the things differently. We just have to apply our eyes to there, no mislead, to there. Taste Of Dream is the new Jabaro, with Terrie enhancements to vital sonorities, and a sparkle equally distributed, as golden tear. Landing on my square angle I find things becoming better, between the feelings of our opposites hemispheres, thanks to this everlasting relationship weighted by gravity. "Please Lord, drive my hand again"

Taste Of Dream was first published on CD Baby [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tasteofdream].

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