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WCG: End of Nutritious Rice for the World project

On April 13 World Community Grid announced the end of End of Nutritious Rice for the World project computing. Following there's an excerpt of the announcement:

"Now comes the difficult part of sifting through the data to find the best models. The researchers need to find the best models from the almost 7 billion models generated. This should take approximately 3-6 months using their fastest methods. After identifying the most accurate models, they will use the information to figure out what functions these proteins perform in the rice organism. This involves comparing the structure and sequence to known proteins which is also a time consuming process. The plant genomes are not nearly as well studied as the human and mammalian genomes which makes the process all the more difficult. "

I strongly suggest to join World Community Grid community, to give a small effort for a big result. You can read the full announcement at this link. Subscribing to WGC involve you to install a small application on your computer to share an amount of processing power to aid science research.

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