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Going East

1. Going Cool
I was very surprised to discovery the music coming from Uniquetunes. They remembered a little an Italian pop group named Ladri Di Biciclette whose name is kept back from the homonym motion picture, a milestone.

Yes, i was completely fascinated by Uniquetunes verve, also surprised about my ignorance in forgetting that music is the only thing we can possibly call universal. I can expose to say that there's a mixture of soft tones and tonic instruments coming from them. They have recently released their first album, Uniquetunes.

2. Going Hard
I like FPS if accompanied by a story path, and i like very much to go through the darkness and gaining admittance, looking around and staying at the graphics. I like this kind of games because they are involving myself solo and respect others they have a little more pathos, and i forgot to say that the music inside is often a real masterpiece and a good companion. I have to mention Prey for involving me deeply, this is art too.

You have the ability to decide to play the PARANOIA Mod for Half-Life, or better to be galvanized by СЛОТ music, have a taste of what i mean. Could it be a great adventure. СЛОТ performed the PARANOIA Mod Original Sound Tracks, available for downloading, a must.

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