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05. 8mm - Crawl, a Real Lyric

I think this is one of the best lyrics i had the opporunity to fall into. I will post the words i followed, a typo real intent? Void spaces really enhance interpretation.


Standing at the window looking out with both hands on the phone pressed to my ear 
I lean my forehead against the glass 
and it's cold against my skin 

the phone rings in my ear again and a machine you comes on 
and tells me to leave a message and you'll call 
I run my fingers along the shape of the phone searching out every seam and crevice 
looking for the way in 

I think now that if I try, if I try, if I concentrate hard enough 
I can change myself into something else 
then I'll be able to pour myself into this wire
travel across these lines and find my way to you 
or maybe there's another trick, another spell 
and I could change you 
and I'd draw you to me, 
pull you to me, 
crawl to me 

draw you to me 
pull you to me 
call you to me 
crawl to me

draw you to me 
pull you to me 
call you to me 
crawl to me

crawl to me

crawl to me

crawl to me

8mm Website

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for the Earth.

"Excellence that look through me bravely" (Giuseppe Giusti 1809-1850). A recurring presence, this days. A bad sight from the higher point of view to the lower, from the power that smashes your dreams to the ground. Where does this ugly eye came from? Gravity that came out the discrepancy of our lives? Why this unnecessary pain? Why do we need to feel guilty. Unnecessary. "Lord drive my hand"

Andrea Soru is a Friend, met on the ill-treated Facebook, Double six Project (Jabaro/Ascari) was one of the first crew found on Jamendo, and I consider them among others the foundation of this "exposure platform", maybe slow in its process but with clear ideas. It's a little difficult to follow his growing route, Double six Project have many great releases sparse on the web and "Riding the dune" track's beginning can easily be recruited as descriptor of their motto, their land, their delicate philosophy.

The Moon looks through us appearing and disappearing the Earth, let us see the things differently. We just have to apply our eyes to there, no mislead, to there. Taste Of Dream is the new Jabaro, with Terrie enhancements to vital sonorities, and a sparkle equally distributed, as golden tear. Landing on my square angle I find things becoming better, between the feelings of our opposites hemispheres, thanks to this everlasting relationship weighted by gravity. "Please Lord, drive my hand again"

Taste Of Dream was first published on CD Baby [http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tasteofdream].

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It's better to explain (to me that I expect something from this Blog)

It's better to explain. This Blog. I started this Blog devoting vocalists, especially female vocalist, those you can find "subdued" through Lounge/Chillout/Vocal Trance genres. To me it seems too little relevant to a casual listener. A new listener. I want to oblige everyone to find these gratuitous representation of grace as a solution for their everyday troubles, if any. Cause it has been for me, and the wonder of this happening continues to be, in these troubled days.

A Blog itself it's is difficult to maintain, so if someone is expecting something from me, this is no way. Obviously I want this Blog to shine. Blogs at the end of the day are persons, when you blow into glass, you blow into glass your idea, your soul. We have to be proud to this given power. I'm not so proud. I become proud when is see others succeed and at the same time success is not synonymous of joy.

A Blog is a perfect place for me to keep things close to be fixed. Or you are thinking that things means feelings. Everything is soul then the words. Then the music, so the the light. Now the aim. I want to leave you with the hope to find themselves here. With some light, some music, a soul.

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"All of us must eventually keep moving, through tragedies and triumphs. I just want to do what I can to encourage people to stay optimistic and have faith in our ability to evolve and solve and get involved."
Derek Vincent Smith AKA Pretty Lights

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Our Suburbia.

I apologize to have been absent. Too many ideas to make the blog better, too worried about to really make this blog what i really want it to become. I'm focused on maintaining an underground profiling, a low tone. Perhaps the term underground is not the most effective, but in this days the internet scene is more and more important. I would have to substitute the term underground, that strictly talking I'm not referring to a genre, but to a place that for an artist especially a musician is not a well exposed place. I would like to call this place "internet Suburbia", a warm spot.

In this "Internet Suburbia" where artist could be more accustomed, we need to emerge. Our activity must to be real. I will not discuss or speculate about the meaning of emerge nor what could be a real suburbia, I'm not legitimate to do this. I want only to show another effort to make some expectations to become reality, a way to change our destiny versus the better, not the worse. Music is the effort, expression is the effort, this is what i want to expose, this is what this blog wants to be.

Apart the "fake" essence of this blog, talking about the raw body, i want to introduce a new section, tagged as Aid. You may take a look at it, and it may not be the purpose of this blog, but it needs to exists. I apologize further for the aesthetics of "Life Is A Second mind" (A Place Suggested), I'm engaged in new graphics, logos, and a new structure, maybe not soon. I leave, thanking for you to follow this attempt.

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WCG: End of Nutritious Rice for the World project

On April 13 World Community Grid announced the end of End of Nutritious Rice for the World project computing. Following there's an excerpt of the announcement:

"Now comes the difficult part of sifting through the data to find the best models. The researchers need to find the best models from the almost 7 billion models generated. This should take approximately 3-6 months using their fastest methods. After identifying the most accurate models, they will use the information to figure out what functions these proteins perform in the rice organism. This involves comparing the structure and sequence to known proteins which is also a time consuming process. The plant genomes are not nearly as well studied as the human and mammalian genomes which makes the process all the more difficult. "

I strongly suggest to join World Community Grid community, to give a small effort for a big result. You can read the full announcement at this link. Subscribing to WGC involve you to install a small application on your computer to share an amount of processing power to aid science research.

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source FastCompany.com

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Psicotropicodelia Music : Your best tropical mind trip.

The first time i listened to Psicotropicodelia Music artist i was very impressed by this "Roboante" (roaring), eclectic, mental constrictive music composition. It not only find place in soundtracks but brainwaves through genres that seems incompatible and this is its peculiarity. You may find Trip-Hop ballads as well as electronic masterpieces filled of semidarkness and evocative vibes.

Just like as the fantastic atmospheres of the Tropic, dense of colors, it find its perfect nature keeping you at different emotional temperatures constricting even to a forced listening. The result of this drumming dialoging is to bring you in a strange and lonely place through a strange and lonely trip with a strange and absolutely unique sounding.

Psicotropicodelia Music is not for all, we have to bind ourselves in the deep, we have to dirt a little of us to appreciate the real message it brings. We can grab a little bit more of our consciousness through this process.

Psicotropicodelia Music Netlabel

I would like to great thank Alienaqtor for giving me the inspiration to write about Psicotropicodelia Music and for joining this blog.

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Pixieguts & Cwtch

I consider Pixieguts a real friend (i haven't had any contact in the real world) as opposed as an "internet friends" although this way to discern is a little misleading. Now, who is the one named "internet friend"? It depends on many factors and they are not tech facts. An internet friend is a person who rely into the habit of the web. Am I wrong? It is very rare that this kind of relationship will transmute in a real life situation, the web is too fragmented. This way is a little too distant and unreachable!

Maybe with the aid of the music this gap will be filled, it's one of the reason i continue to maintain this blog. Pixieguts is an Australian artist and vocalist, that i think is the best example on how to aggregate sonorities to reach a solid state of conjunction. Is not only the first who joined this blog through Google Friend Connect, but she is at all a very proactive artist , within her collaborations with many artist around the web and non. I suggest you to join her the Palace Music Network community and subscribe to the Pixiecast Podcast at the same time.

I think that her co-action with Dementio13 to lead into the Cwtch project is spatial ..... spatial in the meaning of a 360 degree vision like the expression of this formation. Recently Adrian Carter's Cwtch Remixes album Say Again reached a great popularity on Last.FM to witness the evolution of something, something great.




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